aresunicorderSleep apnea testing generally requires a full sleep apnea study, which involves an overnight stay in a sleep clinic, lots of wires glued to your head, and body with tubes inserted into your nose. This setup makes it very difficult to get a true representation of your sleep, and because clinics need to be staffed all night, it is relatively expensive.

The Ares unicorder provides a solution to this problem by letting you take the test in your home, providing you with a true representation of your sleep pattern. This device goes around the head, and it can measure oxygen saturation, nasal airflow, pulse rate, snoring, REM/non REM, and head movement. This data is combined and provides the necessary information for a diagnoses to be made and sleep apnea remedies to be recommended. Learn more about this at home sleep apnea study by contacting our family dental care officeĀ online.

This device was named as one of the top 10 medical innovations of 2010!