Do you struggle with showing off your smile due to one or more missing teeth? Is eating more difficult than it should be? Have you lost one or more teeth due to decay, gingivitis, or an injury? You could be an ideal candidate for dental implants, a tooth replacement procedure we offer here at BeaverBrooke Dental, your top Sandy dentist office. When replacing a tooth or several teeth, the cosmetic dentist has many procedure options to choose from. Although traditional tooth replacement methods, such as dentures and bridges, are still great options for some, other patients may benefit more from dental implants.

What are Dental Implants?

Human beings have been replacing teeth for millennia, with bamboo used to replace teeth in ancient China, and ancient Egyptians found with implants made out of precious metals and even transplanted human teeth. The modern dental implant is made of titanium. It is attached to the jawbone beneath the patient’s gums and appears as a metal post, to which an artificial tooth is affixed. The titanium post bonds to the jawbone, creating a permanent hold for the tooth. Patients with dental implants report that these implants for teeth look natural and don’t feel or function any differently than natural teeth. They are able to eat, speak, and smile with ease, and they don’t have the inconvenient task of taking their teeth out for cleaning. In fact, proper dental care for dental implants is the same as for natural teeth, making this option ideal for a patient wanting a permanent solution to missing teeth.  

Implant11Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Improve the appearance of your smile with a strong, permanent tooth replacement.
  • Replace missing teeth to help prevent the natural erosion of your jawbone.
  • Maintain improved oral health and a more youthful facial bone structure.
  • Dental implants are more convenient and comfortable than dentures.
  • When cared for properly, dental implants can last a lifetime.
  • Dental implants are designed to match your original smile.

The Dental Implants Procedure

If you opt for this procedure at BeaverBrooke Dental, we’ll begin by learning about your personal needs and the goals you have for your smile. Your individual situation will be taken into account to decide on the best implant type, and you will be consulted every step of the way. The average patient recovers from this procedure in a couple of days, but every patient is different and will require tailored care. The typical healing time requires pain medication and cold compresses for the pain and swelling. Might we suggest frozen peas for some affordable ice packs?

Are you ready to get the smile you dream of and deserve with dental implants? The dental care professionals at BeaverBrooke Dental have the experience and knowledge necessary to perform your dental implants procedure. Schedule a time to come in and discuss your tooth replacement options with us today by giving us a call or contacting us online. Our friendly and helpful staff is also here to answer any questions you may have.