According to the CDC, 90% of Americans have had a cavity filled and 1 in 4 people have untreated cavities. With so many people who have had fillings, here’s a good chance that you have an old silver-colored amalgam filling or two. While most of the time these fillings aren’t incredibly noticeable, if they are closer to the front of your mouth it can cause feelings of insecurity or self-consciousness.

At BeaverBrooke Dental, we want to ensure that all our guests get the best care possible, and that means offering them a variety of filling options, including composites. Made of a plastic and glass mixture, these fillings are tooth-colored, giving you a much more natural look. In many cases, composite fillings can be made to match the color of your teeth so there’s no sign of a filling at all. Because composite fillings bond quickly to the tooth, it helps to prevent the tooth from breaking and protects it from cold and hot temperatures as well. The material can also be used to repair chips or cracks in your teeth.

Composite fillings do cost a bit more than traditional amalgam or silver fillings; however, if you want a natural and durable filling material, it’s a great option.

To prevent cavities from forming in the first place, schedule a dental cleaning at BeaverBrooke Dental today in Sandy. We offer compassionate and comfortable dental services for the whole family.