Have you been searching for an experienced family dentist in Sandy, OR? Local residents have been going to Dr. Ken Claggett for more than 35 years at his current location. Whether you are due for a cleaning or your child is in need of braces, BeaverBrooke Dental has you covered. In these blog posts, we explain the importance of good oral health and how Dr. Claggett can provide you with the best dental care. Read on to learn more and please don’t hesitate to contact our family dentist.

  1. dentist is holding dentures in his hands

    6 Reasons To Go To The Dentist Every 6 Months

    It can be difficult to find time to visit your family dentist every six months, but your dentist plays a big part in your overall health! If you need a little more convincing to schedule your six-month appointment with BeaverBrooke Dental in Sandy, continue reading.  Early Diagnosis of Decay It’s important to go to the dentist regularly because we can catch issues early…Read More

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    5 Tips For A Healthier Smile

    While some people think it’s ok to skip a trip to the family dentist, oral health care is important! The number one thing you can do to have a healthy smile is to schedule an appointment with a dentist, like BeaverBrooke Dental in Sandy, every six months. If you’re wondering what you can do on your own, continue reading to learn a few dental tips! Brush Your Teeth You…Read More

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    Pros And Cons of Dental Veneers

    Here at BeaverBrooke Dental in Sandy, one of the specialty dental services we provide is dental veneers. Your smile is one of the first things people many people will notice about you — why not take some minor dental treatment to make it really shine? Dental veneers help enhance your smile, and they’re also a great way to address a variety of physical and aesthetic iss…Read More

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    Root Canal FAQs

    Here at BeaverBrooke Dental in Sandy, we know that for many people going to the dentist is an anxiety-inducing process, especially if you’re going for major dental work, like a root canal. That’s why we want to provide you with as much information upfront about the process and answer any questions you may have. Hopefully having a clear idea of what’s going to happen …Read More

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    Common Dental Problems

    Even if you take great care of your teeth (and have great teeth genetics), you’re likely to have at least one dental problem during your life. As with all health issues, it’s important to catch dental problems early, before they become bigger and more complicated. And, even better, take preventative measures to stop them from happening in the first place! In today’s …Read More

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    Benefits of Dental Implants

    Dental implants are a great permanent solution for replacing missing or damaged teeth. They offer benefits that no other tooth replacements — like dentures or bridges — can offer. In today’s blog post, our Sandy family dentistry is sharing a few of the benefits of choosing dental implants. If you believe that dental implants may be right for you, contact Beaver Brook…Read More

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    Things You Should Know About Dentures

    If you have a negative impression of dentures, we want you to know that many many people have dentures and you probably don’t even notice because they have such a beautiful, natural smile! In today’s blog post we’ll be providing general information for people with dentures or people who are considering getting dentures. Continue reading to learn more and contact Beav…Read More

  8. Tips to Consider When Choosing a Toothbrush

    Think back to the last time you purchased a toothbrush. Chances are you just selected one at random or settled for the cheapest one. Here at BeaverBrooke Dental in Sandy, we’re here to tell you that not every toothbrush is the same! So what should you look for when choosing your next toothbrush? Consider these tips from our family dentist. The size of the toothbrush head…Read More

  9. Back-to-School Dental Tips

    Another school year is just around the corner, which means now is the time to get your children squared away with new clothes and supplies. But what about their oral health? While this tends to be one of the busiest times of the year for families, it’s important to maintain good dental care practices.   Take a look at these back-to-school dental tips from the team at B…Read More

  10. Tips For Easing Dental Anxiety

    It’s a time you dread every six months — going to the dentist. Whether you had a bad experience as a kid or just don’t like all the poking and prodding in your mouth, the reality is you would rather spend your time anywhere else besides a dental office. So how do you go about receiving the necessary treatment without feeling anxious? Check out these tips for alleviat…Read More