Think back to the last time you purchased a toothbrush. Chances are you just selected one at random or settled for the cheapest one. Here at BeaverBrooke Dental in Sandy, we’re here to tell you that not every toothbrush is the same!

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So what should you look for when choosing your next toothbrush? Consider these tips from our family dentist.

The size of the toothbrush head

The best toothbrush head provides easy access to all surfaces of your teeth. Our family dental care team suggests finding a toothbrush head that’s half an inch wide and one inch tall. The larger the toothbrush head, the more difficult it is to clean hard-to-reach areas. We should also mention that your toothbrush should have a long enough handle so you can comfortably hold it in your hand for two minutes at a time.

The type of bristles

You probably don’t think twice about the bristles of your toothbrush. Unfortunately, medium- and hard-bristled brushes could damage your gums, root surface, and enamel. This is why more dentists are recommending soft-bristled toothbrushes to their patients. Talk with your family dentist to see which bristles are right for you.


Ask any oral health care professional and they’ll tell you that an electric toothbrush is more effective than a manual one. However, patients are often reluctant to make the switch because of cost concerns. Think of an electric toothbrush as an investment — though it costs more upfront than a manual toothbrush, an electric toothbrush does a much better job of cleaning your teeth and, in turn, keeps your dental bills low in the long run.


This might be the most important tip on the list. You don’t want to use a toothbrush for six months only to be told by your dentist that it isn’t getting the job done. Whether you select a manual toothbrush or an electric toothbrush, it should not only eliminate plaque and prevent cavities, but also reduce periodontitis (gum disease). 


Wondering how you can tell which toothbrushes are safest to use? Well, as long as the one you’re looking at has an ADA Seal of Approval, you should be good to go. It also doesn’t hurt to ask your dentist for a new toothbrush at your next appointment.

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