Not too many dental patients enjoy getting the reminder that they’re due for a six-month cleaning. It’s so easy to put it off and forget to reschedule your appointment. You may take good care of your teeth and not have any pain, so what’s the big deal about not going to the dentist as often as you should? In this blog post, our Sandy family dentist will detail the importance of those regular dental cleanings.

Check out these six benefits you can only get from a professional dental cleaning:

  • Prevents cavities – You probably remember your dentist or hygienist telling you about plaque, the whitish film that builds up on your teeth. Just as a refresher, though, plaque remains the leading cause of tooth decay due to its acidic substance that eats away at the enamel. If left untreated, plaque can lead to cavities. With dental cleanings every six months to supplement regular brushing and flossing, you shouldn’t have to worry about nasty plaque.
  • Stops tooth loss – Should you let plaque build up through the years, you’re just asking for gum disease to take hold. As gum disease advances, plaque moves further down the tooth where supporting jaw bone can be destroyed. This can result in teeth falling out. With regular treatment from your local dentist office, the risk of tooth loss is minimized greatly.
  • Keeps your smile looking great – We consume food and drinks daily that stain our teeth to a degree. While there are a number of over-the-counter options available on the retail market, none are as effective as the Snap-on-Smile option offered at BeaverBrooke Dental. Dr. Claggett can help you achieve a Hollywood smile that you can be proud of without needing to empty your wallet in return.
  • Freshens your breath – You may religiously chew breath mints as a way to keep your mouth as fresh as possible. We also find that many patients use mouthwash throughout the day because they fear having bad breath. However, good oral hygiene and getting a dental cleaning are the best ways to ensure that your mouth is healthy and odor-free.
  • Boosts overall health – We will discuss this in greater detail later, but plenty of studies confirm a connection between overall health and oral health. For example, regular visits to the dentist can help lower your risk for heart disease and stroke. Plus, our dental care professionals are able to detect some medical conditions in their early stages during an oral exam.

Beaver Brooke Family Dentist

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From braces and crowns to dental implants and lumineers, let BeaverBrooke be your preferred family dentist. Schedule your appointment with our Sandy dentist and regain charge of your oral health.